How much time does it take you to manage your hospitality suite?

Since implementing Eventrax, our clients have said that they've seen an impact in not only how efficiently they are able to manage their hospitality suite, but also how effectively they control their whole events programme...

Challenges faced when managing a hospitality suite

  • Admin & data management time: Before implementing Eventrax our clients flagged the amount of time taken out of their day gathering information on guests including names, company and who within their company had invited them to their hospitality suite. 
  • Accessing data from previous events: Our clients found it difficult to track data from previous events in their hospitality suite. This data tended to be hidden away in folders and documents which weren't always up to date. 
  • Return on investment: Owning a hospitality suite is a huge company investment and yet trying to clarify when seats were used or what return on investment has been recieved was proving virtually impossible. 
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What our users have achieved with Eventrax

  • Access to Real-Time Data : Eventrax gives our users full control to view and track requests into their hospitality suite events. No more chasing for availability or waiting for emails to include guest data as everything you need is stored in Eventrax.
  • Seeing The Bigger Picture: Our users enjoy full visibility of past and future events taking place in their hospitality suite at the touch of a button.
  • Detailed Reports: Eventrax gives our users access to detailed reports containing all the data they need to undertstand the return on investmenent their hospitality suite brings to their business. 
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"We have a significant number of tickets, hospitality places and events that we utilise to engage with customers, employees and other stakeholders each year. Eventrax provides us with one centralised platform which tracks all of those assets and enables us to deliver a high level of customer experience. The reporting tool and full visibility provide the senior management team with insightful data that is key for tracking return on investment."

Chas Moloney | Marketing Director for Ricoh UK

"In the 18 months since Eventrax was implemented as our events portal, there has been a noticeable material saving to the company. Not only does Eventrax make booking events considerably quicker, it is the ideal digital home for our events inventory, where users have complete visibility of the events and prices. The portal itself and the reporting from it makes the job of our compliance and accounts team easier and more efficient. I would certainly recommend it!"

Dan Marcus | CEO of Tradition


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