Eventrax is a unique software that allows businesses and rights holders to easily track, manage and report on their entire events programme.

Not only does it centralise your event inventory, but you can offer your customers an end to end experience through its invite management functions.

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why eventrax?

Eventrax has been cleverly designed to save you time and make your life easier by providing you with real-time data that can be used to help make better business decisions and improve your return on investment.

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"We have a significant number of tickets, hospitality places and events that we utilise to engage with customers, employees and other stakeholders each year. Eventrax provides us with one centralised platform which tracks all of those assets and enables us to deliver a high level of customer experience. The reporting tool and full visibility provide the senior management team with insightful data that is key for tracking return on investment."

Chas Moloney | Marketing Director for Ricoh UK

"In the 18 months since Eventrax was implemented as our events portal, there has been a noticeable material saving to the company. Not only does Eventrax make booking events considerably quicker, it is the ideal digital home for our events inventory, where users have complete visibility of the events and prices. The portal itself and the reporting from it makes the job of our compliance and accounts team easier and more efficient. I would certainly recommend it!"

Dan Marcus | CEO of Tradition


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