What value does eventrax bring?

Eventrax helps you achieve your business goals whilst saving money. Here are a few ways Eventrax can help you...


Eventrax is managed by our team of experts, giving our clients teams time back in their busy days to do what they do best. Eventrax removes unnecessary steps in the work-flow, meaning no more back and forth emailing or re-directing to line/managers and budget holders.


Eventrax provides our clients with vast amounts of data across all enquires and bookings, essential for reporting back to key teams in marketing and budget holders. Marketing managers can look back at past data, what customers were entertained? How much was spent? What was the return on investment?


Eventrax provides our clients with an innovative platform to create a more streamlined approach and make it easy for users to enquire about events throughout the year. Eventrax has built in permissions, and unique log-ins meaning that approvals can be through notifications and on-the-go on the mobile.


Eventrax provides our clients with a centralised platform. Meaning full visibility across event enquires from all employees, no matter what offices they are based in, allowing for increased purchasing power by centralising the procurement of events.


As our clients continue to grow, the various suppliers used gets larger and the volumes become harder to manage. Eventrax gives our clients increased controls, centralises spend and lowers risk of any non-official suppliers.


Offering a solution that can be launched tomorrow through to more tailored custom builds, get in touch with us below to discuss your Eventrax requirements

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