Ditch your heavy events toolbox and manage your events in one system

Ditch your heavy events toolbox and manage your events in one system

Do you own a toolbox which is full of tools you don’t really use? Are there even a few tools in there that you don’t remember getting and a few where you don’t really know what they’re for? Here at Eventrax, we find the same thing happens when you run an events and sponsorship portfolio. Your events toolbox is full of old tools you no longer need. There are a few tools you might still use, but how often do you stop and ask if there is just one tool that could replace them all. What if you could manage your events in one system?

What’s in your events and sponsorship toolbox?

Let’s crack open a typical events toolbox and see what you’re carrying around with you, shall we?

We’ll start at the top of the box with the stuff you use most often. Here we find a big stack of spreadsheets. There are spreadsheets for every event and every corporate box and sponsorship asset you’re responsible for looking after.

There are spreadsheets that reference other spreadsheets. Spreadsheets that contain data pulled in from all the other spreadsheets. And there are spreadsheets which nobody really remembers what they were for, but they’re still there in the toolbox anyway.

Next there are a lot of emails and email templates. There’s a tool for sending emails to a big mailing list. Then there’s the bog standard email software on your computer which you also use to send emails sometimes.

Down in the murky depths of the box

We’re venturing deeper into the toolbox now. There are several long-forgotten pieces of software down here: a CRM tool you used a few times, but never got to grips with. An event ticket management solution which never really worked the way you wanted it to. Lurking at the bottom are a couple of old email marketing platforms that were used for while and then discarded.

In short, this is a heavy, crowded events toolbox. It’s full of things which are out-dated, never worked for you or are cumbersome and pretty time-consuming to use.  Why are you still carrying them around?

What if you could ditch all those tools and manage your events in one system?

Think of Eventrax as the multi-tool you’ve always dreamed of. The Swiss Army Knife that replaces your entire toolbox.

Eventrax was designed by events people, specifically for events people. In a single event management platform, you can create all of the promotional events, hospitality packages, sponsorship assets, memberships, staff and company events you’re looking after.  You can then manage ticket allocations, availability, invitations and responses all in a single system.

With all that data in one place, you can run reports on your events at the touch of a button. Everything is in one place in a system which you, your events team colleagues and team members from across your organisation can access. Event data is always up to date and accurate.

You can quickly and easily see what inventory is available, who is attending an event and what events they’ve attended before.  Simply and efficiently.

So, it’s time to stop lugging your heavy event toolbox around. To find how to manage your events in one system, get in touch or find out more about Eventrax.