How to save time managing your event and sponsorship portfolio

How to save time managing your event and sponsorship portfolio

Is managing your event and sponsorship portfolio starting to drive you crazy? It used to be easy, didn’t it? When you were smaller and you could keep up with all of the events and sponsorship assets you were managing. Recently though, it’s becoming hard and harder to stay on top of everything and finding ways to save time managing your event and sponsorship portfolio is increasingly important.

Here at Eventrax, we blame the dreaded spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet stress

Everyone has them. Spreadsheets.

They’re a great way to keep track of events and sponsorship assets to begin with. They’re quick to create, simple to change to suit your needs and easy to add event details to.

You’ve got a spreadsheet that shows you who you’ve invited to each event. It gets updated when a guest confirms attendance and you do a quick count up to see how many spaces are left.

Simple. Even when you start running more events and your company secures a couple of corporate boxes at the O2 and Twickenham it still seems to work okay. There’s just a few more spreadsheets needed than there was previously.

A growing team and growing uncertainty

As your event and sponsorship programme grows, so does the team you need to run those events with you.  There’s more to do than you can do alone and your new team members are using your spreadsheets and creating some of their own to keep track of everything.

Emails from colleagues about the events; about tickets; about their contacts’ dietary requirements and with questions about the events are flooding in.

And then, inevitably, there’s that awkward Thursday morning before the next big event (because things always go wrong the day before the most important events), where nobody is 100% certain that the spreadsheet is up-to-date.

Do you know exactly who is coming? Can you be sure everyone has received up-to-date information? Do you know what they want to eat?

So, Thursday afternoon is spent going back through emails in a panic. You cross-reference the list of attendees with the email confirmations you’ve received and, just to be sure nobody has been missed, you contact everyone again with the event details.

It’s exhausting, it’s time-consuming and it’s beginning to feel very much out of control.

Spreadsheets are no longer the answer, but what is?

You need a solution which will help you save time managing your event and sponsorship portfolio

That’s what Eventrax does. It helps you ditch the evil spreadsheets and get back time (and control) of your events and your sponsorship assets. It’s been designed specifically for that purpose by events people, for events people.

Eventrax is event management software that allows event managers and their teams to easily track, manage and report on their inventory and entire events programme.

Not only does it put all of that information in one place with real-time updates, it also handles invitations and confirmation, meaning all those spreadsheets and emails back and forth with colleagues and guests, so you don’t have to.

So, if you feel it’s time to wave goodbye to those nasty spreadsheets (and avoid any more panicked Thursday afternoons before big events), get in touch or find out more about how Eventrax can help you save time managing your event and sponsorship portfolio.