How difficult is it to get accurate event data for your reports?

How difficult is it to get accurate event data for your reports?

‘Can you show me how well our last three events have performed?’ is a request that will make most events teams shudder. The challenge of ensuring you’ve got accurate event data to report on whilst you’re in the middle of the pre-event chaos means it’s rarely prioritised. However, with the right systems in place, the fear of compiling event reports will go away.

Reporting is not why you chose event management

Let’s be honest. You probably chose this career because organising and delivering events is pretty exciting.

The good bits of event management all come before and during the event. The planning, the coming up with ideas to respond to the event brief, and the organisation and preparation are what gets us all buzzing.

Very rarely does anyone confess to getting out of bed in the morning in order to clear up the event venue the next day or to run the post-event reports.

However, doing both of those less-appealing jobs are just as important as everything that has come before.

Getting organised before an event makes the after show easier

Even in the lead up to an event, you’ll have put some thought into how you’re going to clear up afterwards. You’ll have spoken to suppliers about when they can get access to take equipment away, you’ll have arranged for your team to come along – with brooms, bin bags or whatever – to make sure you leave the venue as you first found it.

Yet, rarely do event teams put the same level of thought and planning into making sure they’re in a good place to run reports quickly after an event. Mostly that’s because of how difficult it can be to get accurate event data together quickly and easily. Reporting therefore becomes difficult and, in some cases, virtually impossible.

Put the right solution in place and get easy access to accurate event data

The time to get your event reporting process in place was back at the start of the event planning process. You know – during that exciting phase when you were discussing the event brief with your team. With the right solution in place from the beginning, reporting at any stage of the event process becomes a breeze.

That’s where a solution like Eventrax comes in. We’re event people ourselves and Eventrax has been designed specifically to make the management and reports for events easy.

Whilst each event you run will be slightly different, there are some things that almost never change.  For most events you’ll want to collaborate with clients and colleagues to create guest lists. You’ll want to send out invites, manage responses, confirm dietary requirements and more.

All of that is done through Eventrax. That means you’ll have instant, real-time access to accurate event data in one system. At any stage – before, during and after the event – generating a report is just a case of pressing a few buttons on your laptop or phone.

So, if you want to be able to answer ‘yes’ when asked whether you can show how well your events are performing. And if you want to quickly produce the reports you’ve been asked for, knowing they’re based on accurate event data, please get in touch or find out more about Eventrax.