Is there a way to reduce your event management costs?

Is there a way to reduce your event management costs?

If you’re in charge of a portfolio of sponsorship assets or run company and hospitality events, you’ll know that the cost of running those events can quickly grow. Eventrax is a great way to reduce your event management costs.

A small agile and efficient team

It’s always surprising how the costs of running an event and sponsorship portfolio can increase.

When you’re a small team, working hard to oversee your events and assets, you’re able to be agile, responsive and flexible. You can adapt quickly to new requirements. It’s easy to try new ideas because the way you work as a team is fluid.  You can change your approach from event to event without really worrying about it.

Your costs are low and yet you manage to get a lot done with relatively few people.

A growing portfolio and cost creep

As the number of events and sponsorship assets you’re overseeing increases, so do your costs. We regularly talk to clients who have invested in growing their events teams so they can run more events. They expect their cost per event to remain the same or even reduce. However, this is rarely the case.

A growing team and more events, often results in a noticeable drop in efficiency. The cost per event actually increases.

More often than not, the cause of the increased inefficiency is that the processes and systems which used to work aren’t scaling up as both the team and event portfolio grow.

Systems and processes that are no longer fit for purpose

Perhaps your events team relies on spreadsheets and email as the primary tools for keeping track of everything. Maybe you’ve got several different pieces of software doing different things but in an inefficient way. Perhaps it’s a mix of the two with different approaches for each event.

Irrespective of what your exact situation is, systems and processes are typically where the cost inefficiencies are coming from.

Adding more people to the events team almost always exposes and exacerbates the issue.

That agility and adaptability that used to work so well when your team was small is actually holding you back now that the team has grown. You need a different approach.

How can Eventrax reduce your event management costs?

The quickest way to save money when running an event and sponsorship portfolio is to start using specialist event management software. We’ve designed Eventrax to help growing events teams become more efficient.

Eventrax allows you to manage all of your event and sponsorship assets in one place. One place where you can set and oversee ticket allocations, invitations, bookings and confirmations. One place where you can report on the status of each event. It’s also easy to calculate the return on investment from your whole events programme.

We have clients who started using Eventrax simply because of the increasing cost of running their events and sponsorship portfolio. They noticed an immediate cost saving per event, but they also saw opportunities to make additional cost efficiencies across the entire programme whilst simultaneously increasing the number of events they were running.

To talk to us about how we can help you reduce your event management costs, get in touch or explore our website further to find out more about Eventrax.