A simplified event ticket allocation process will save you time

A simplified event ticket allocation process will save you time

Getting internal approval for event ticket allocations can be incredibly frustrating. For most event managers, it’s one of the most inefficient processes they have to deal with. Invariably, colleagues send email after email back and forth to arrange allocations. It’s time-consuming, to say the least. You don’t have to put up with your current event ticket allocation process, though. There is another way!

Do you have an inefficient event ticket allocation approval process?

Most organisations still rely on good old-fashioned emails to communicate with their colleagues about events. Emails fly backwards and forwards to arrange everything from event venues to event dates. The events team send emails to announce the event and discuss who should be invited. Each team member sends emails requesting a ticket allocation.

Inboxes around the globe fill up on a daily basis with these, vital, but inefficient conversations. And then the waiting begins.

Team members wanting a ticket allocation for an event wait for news. Event teams wait for decisions and are unable to finalise allocations whilst requests are outstanding.

The wait goes on

Of course, those much-anticipated approvals don’t always arrive straight away. In fact, sometimes the relevant manager doesn’t make a decision until they have received a follow up email (or three). The process is slow, inefficient and takes up valuable time.

That’s time that could (and probably should) be spent on more productive tasks. Instead, everyone spends time chasing approvals event after event after event.

What if sending emails was no longer part of your event ticket allocation process?

As we said, though: there is another way.  If you use an event management platform, the reliance on those pesky allocation approval emails becomes a thing of the past.

That’s where Eventrax comes in. Event managers and event teams love the platform because it has been designed from the ground up to help them save time. This is particularly true when it comes to seeking internal approval for inventory allocation.

The Eventrax system manages the entire request and approval process. It allows managers to see, approve and reject each request from their team members for each event.

Allocations for each event are updated in real-time and automated approvals are sent by the system. Everyone is aware of the status of each allocation request without a single manual email being sent.

It is, all round, a much more efficient way of seeing internal approval for inventory allocation.

For a demo of the Eventrax’s efficient event ticket allocation process, get in touch or find out more about the platform.