Don’t you wish you could reduce the number of event emails you send (and receive)?

Don’t you wish you could reduce the number of event emails you send (and receive)?

As an organiser of events or a manager or sponsorship assets, emails will almost certainly be a big part of your day. Some days, it probably feels like all you do. How many times have you wished there was a way to reduce the number of event emails you have to send? Not to mention the number of emails you then get back in response!

One event, too many emails

It doesn’t take many events to generate a lot of emails. Even running one event can be enough to fill your inbox.

In order to arrange the event in the first place, you’ve got emails going back and forth with venues, suppliers and colleagues making arrangements.

You then have to confirm who you need to invite. You exchange emails with the relevant colleagues, who all reply at different times. Inevitably, there are a few who leave it right to the last minute and send unrealistic requests. You reply to them and get yet more emails in response.

Eventually, you manage to create a proposed guest list, so you email out ticket allocations to colleagues and event invitations to the guests. Follow up emails are sent to get confirmation. You send some emails to confirm dietary requirements. Then emails to provide further information to guests. And a few more to make sure your colleagues are kept up to date.

Your inbox is spinning all the while, as replies and questions come in. It isn’t easy for anyone to keep track of who needs what, who’s coming, who isn’t and what the remaining ticket allocation is.

More than anything, you feel that you’re constantly glued to your laptop and phone. It is increasingly challenging to come up for air so you can even think about a solution.

More events, more people, email meltdown

As more events and sponsorship assets are added to your programme, email meltdown really kicks in.

Adding more people to your events team helps for a while. However, in doing so, you’re adding more fuel to the fire. More people, sending more emails and nobody really being sure who knows what or where anything is recorded.

From the outside, the fact that you’re running more events and have a growing team looks like everything is going well. But the reality is that using email to run everything is starting to feel like a constant battle. It’s also a waste of your team’s time and skills.

Is it time to change to a system that will reduce the number of event emails?

Eventrax can banish your email nightmares for good.

It’s a complete event management system which offers a built-in event invitation, ticket allocation, request approval and RSVP system. We’ve designed Eventrax specifically for that purpose and it helps to reduce unnecessary back and forth over email.

Eventrax becomes a single source of truth for everything you currently have stored in your email inbox or on spreadsheets. That means everyone in your team (and your other colleagues) can see accurate, real-time information about each event. You still need to use email for some things, but you’ll significantly reduce the number of event emails you send and receive.

To find out we can help you escape from your inbox, get in touch or read more about Eventrax.