Eventrax provides event professionals with a comprehensive event management system and event booking software which saves you time and money.

If you have a growing event inventory consisting of hospitality tables or packages; sponsorship assets; memberships; or staff and company events, Eventrax will help you become more organised, more efficient and provide real time insights. Here's how it works...

Manage Event Inventory

Ditch the spreadsheets

Say goodbye to managing your company event inventory offline or on spreadsheets that aren’t updated in real time. The Eventrax event management system gives you and your colleagues access to a centralised digital platform allowing you to track, approve and report on events across your whole business.




Leverage our event booking software

Simplify the booking process

Use the bookings system for all your event inventory demands and get things moving quickly with Eventrax’s simplified sign-off process. Use unique permissions for each of your accounts to ensure that everyone from Superusers to Users can utilise Eventrax functionalities to suit their job role. No more back and forth emails seeking internal approval, with Eventrax you can approve on the go using your device.

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Invite Management

Engage guests from the start

Invite guests to your events using the Eventrax invite management tools. Send bespoke digital invitations, track all RSVP’s and monitor attendees across your full event programme.

Track Events

See the bigger picture

Want to know how much you’ve spent entertaining a particular client? Or how much usage you got out of your sponsorship tickets over a season?

Track your event inventory and download intelligent reports for your compliance, procurement or marketing teams. 

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What's the Value Of An Event Management System?

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