Plan ahead so that you can increase your event portfolio and add more sponsorship assets

But everything is fine, why can’t you increase your event portfolio straight away?

We work with a lot of events teams. A phrase we hear very frequently is “everything was fine and then, suddenly, we couldn’t cope”. We’ve heard many a story about a busy, productive events team that unknowing hits saturation point.

Typically, growing events teams take on more and more events; each one a bit bigger and a bit more important than the last. In such situations, it’s really easy to overlook the importance of planning ahead.  Continuing to invest in the systems and processes the team runs is essential if you’re going to grow successfully.

This is especially true if you’re looking to increase your events portfolio over the next 12-months.

Look out for the warning signs

When you’re running a small events team, it’s likely that a combination of spreadsheets and a few different event planning and tracking systems are being used. Perhaps you’ve got a slightly different process for each event, just because that’s the way things have evolved.

Even the most organised small event team typically still relies on half a dozen different core systems and processes across their events portfolio.

However, the warning signs are always there and you need to watch out for them.

Are things that used to be easy, suddenly seeming a lot harder? Are those once-efficient and adaptable spreadsheets suddenly becoming less reliable, less accurate and more time consuming to create and maintain?

Did you used to be able to easily report on the current status or ROI from each event? Is it now nearly impossible to get accurate reports out of your data?

Plan ahead and make it easier to increase your event portfolio

Are any of those warning signs familiar to you?  If so, it’s time to plan ahead and look at ways to make it easier to grow your events team.

Most of the clients we’ve helped adopt Eventrax as their primary event management solution realised they needed to make decisive changes.  Improvements to the way they were planning and running their events and sponsorship portfolio were essential. Without doing so, they simply wouldn’t have been able to scale their events programme at all.

Eventrax is a unique piece of event management software. It allows event managers and their teams to easily track, manage and report on their inventory and entire events programme.

The solution allows your whole team to manage everything in one place. It handles invitations, confirmations and guest lists.  This means you can do away with the spreadsheets, systems and many of the processes which are on the verge of holding you back.

If you’re looking ahead and want to make sure you’re able to easily increase your event portfolio, then get in touch or find out more about Eventrax and how it can make managing your event and sponsorship portfolio much more efficient.