It’s time to make event management easier

It’s time to make event management easier

Is the list of events you manage getting longer? Are you looking after a growing portfolio of sponsorship assets? Is your events team successful? Yet, at the same time, have you got that niggling feeling that you’re starting to lose control? If so, then it may be time to think about how you can make event management easier for you and your team.

Events and sponsorship work, let’s do more!

Hospitality, events and correctly leveraged sponsorship assets remain one of the most effective ways to nurture leads, entertain clients and reward employees. For this reason, an efficient events team is something many sales and marketing departments would love to have.

Once an organisation has proven a particular type of event or sponsorship asset brings a return on investment, the clamour from colleagues for more similar events can quickly grow.

However, what many organisations overlook is that increasing the size of the events portfolio doesn’t just require an increase in marketing spend and a few more people in the team. It needs careful planning.  Without this, that gradual loss of control starts to creep in.

Reaching saturation point

Rapidly adding more events and more sponsorship assets will always cause a loss of efficiency in your team. In our experience, the first sign of this is that that everything seems takes longer than it used to.

Agreeing guest lists becomes long-winded. Sending out invitations and managing responses is a nightmare. The volume of emails back and forth between everyone explodes. Your ability to understand how successful your events team is becomes a real challenge.

More often than not, you and your team will reach saturation point. You’ll feel like you’re losing control and the perception of your events team’s effectiveness could go from extremely positive to the exact opposite.

Make event management easier by putting the right tools in place first

So, how do you grow your event list and sponsorship asset portfolio without becoming saturated? You need to pro-actively think about which of your existing systems and processes are unable to support that growth. What works for one or two events and assets, but isn’t capable of dealing with five or ten or twenty?

There is never just one answer to this question. But, having the right event management software in place can be a big part of the solution.

Eventrax is an event management tool that was designed to make sure events team can stay on top of their entire portfolio. It was created to make events teams even more efficient than they used to be, despite a growing workload.

The software handles every aspect of event planning, management and reporting. It allows you to communicate with colleagues to organise guest lists, it automates processes that would otherwise be handled via email.

This means it contains all the data that would otherwise be squirrelled away in numerous spreadsheets. That means you and your entire events team can access up-to-date, real-time data and reports at the click of a button.

Are you wanting to be pro-active in order to grow your events and sponsorship portfolio? Or, have you already got that niggling feeling that things are getting out of control? If so, then it might be time to talk to us and make event management easier! Just drop us a line or take some time to find out more about Eventrax.